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  • experimental

    8 photos

  • portraits

    29 photos

    My greatest passion, female portraiture.

    Having neither the connections nor the money to find and hire models I spent hours and hours hunting images on the web to create these personal statements on the female portrait, but the results were greatly rewarding.

    I would like to once more thank the ladies for permitting me to "mess" with their pictures...

  • act legs

    16 photos

    a side effect of the portrait image hunting....

  • oggl

    18 photos

    As a texture artist I couldn't resist the involvement with the Hipstamatic movement.

    As of lately I have definitely settled with oggl, since it gives me more time to think on capturing the moment and applying the lenses and films afterwards, than loosing the moment whilst figuring out which combination would work best. Of course on the other hand I miss the element of surprise....

  • rotation

    5 photos

    parts of an ongoing project about getting a glimpse at the world around us through rotating the camera whilst shooting...

  • movement

    5 photos

    parts of an ongoing project studying movement through the lens, either capturing moving targets or moving the camera whilst shooting.

  • self portraits

    20 photos

    not having resources and models, selfportraiture is the easiest way to learn aspects of photography, and gives you plenty of material to apply your textures...

  • digital creations

    14 photos

    A collection of images mostly from competition entries, which was the starting point of my involvement in layering photos and applying textures, leading me to my present workflow.

  • conceptual - abstract

    10 photos

    my texture work applied on more abstract and often conceptual images